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Twinkling Watermelon (2023) Kdrama Review

“Twinkling Watermelon” is a K-drama that throws a handful of unexpected ingredients into the mix, resulting in a surprisingly delightful and heartwarming experience. Buckle up for a journey through time, music, and family, with a few bumps along the way.

The Story’s Core:

Eun-gyeol, a struggling musician, stumbles back in time to his parents’ high school days. Witnessing their youthful dreams and challenges, he guides them while confronting his own. The drama balances humor with emotional depth, exploring family bonds and personal growth.

More than Just a Rom-Com:

While romance blossoms between Eun-gyeol and a girl in the past, it’s not the main course. The true heart lies in the tender portrayal of family. The interactions between Eun-gyeol and his younger parents are genuinely moving, reminding us of the sacrifices they make and the enduring power of love.

Music as the Flavor:

Music is more than just background noise; it’s a unifying element. The catchy soundtrack reflects the characters’ emotions, and the band’s journey mirrors their personal growth.

A Few Seeds of Doubt:

The time travel element, though intriguing, feels underdeveloped at times. The pacing can be slow, and the ending might be predictable for some viewers.

The Final Verdict:

“Twinkling Watermelon” is a charming watch for those seeking a warm and emotional journey. It’s not your typical K-drama, but its unique blend of genres, relatable characters, and heartwarming message make it stand out.

Would I Recommend It?

Definitely! If you’re looking for a feel-good drama with a touch of nostalgia, family love, and catchy music, then “Twinkling Watermelon” is worth a bite. Just be prepared for a few unexpected twists and turns along the way. Remember, it’s not just about the sweetness of the flesh, but also appreciating the unique flavors that make it a complete experience.

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